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The 10th Kingdom Season 1 Episode 8

On the back of the broken mirror Tony and Virginia find an inscription “Manufactured by the Dwarves of Dragon Mountain”. They decide to go to Dragon Mountain hoping to find another mirror that could bring them back. Virginia is mad at Wolf and they decide to part ways. In the Mountain, they meet Dwarves who inform them that three Traveling Mirrors were made. The only one left is in possession of the Evil Queen. Tony’s bad luck causes him to break all the magic mirrors. The Dwarves become angry and chase them so Virginia and Tony run to deeper into the mountain to escape. Tony’s bad luck strikes again and he breaks his back. While looking for help, Virginia and Prince find Snow White’s grave and the legendary Snow White shows herself

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Serie: The 10th Kingdom

Episode Title: Part 8

Air Date: 2000-03-19



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