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Glenn Martin, DDS Season 1 Episode 1

When Glenn decides to take the kids to Niagara Falls they will not look at it. Courtney and Wendy text each other and Conor plays video games. While talking to Jackie he decides for everyone to cough up their techology and to connect with the people around them. Glenn takes them to the Amish Country and throws the keys thinking he threw some change. When Glenn finally decides living in the Amish Country is bad he finds the keys but Canine swallows the keys because he likes it there. Before Conor can get married to Spinster Stubarb Wendy gives Glenn a digital cellphone and takes Conor to the RV. Spinster Stubarb says she will always love Conor. The Martins then drive off and the episode ends.

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Serie: Glenn Martin, DDS


Guest Star: , ,

Episode Title: Amish Anguish

Air Date: 2009-08-17



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