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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Season 1 Episode 10

Buzz and Mira are chasing after Lardak for Counterfeiting and when they are taking him back to 42, they see Trade World being Destroyed. Zurg contacts the Galactic Alliance and tells them ro surrender or more planets will be destroyed. Then Zurg says that he will destroy the planet at 12:00 noon Planet Z time that he pulls its name from the raffle box and he draws planet, Tangea! Later, Star Command constructs a Laser web (Many Star cruisers around a planet shooting lasers in 6 directions) around Tangea to protect it from the planet destroyer, later at 12:00 Planet Z time they think the web held but it didn’t and Tangea disappears too. The Galactic Alliance President surrendures to Zurg and while Commander Nebula tells Zurg that Lightyear has been reassigned in reallity Team Lightyear are looking for the planet destroyer while Zurg explains how he will enslave the galactic Alliance Buzz tells Booster to set couse for planet Z but Mira tells Buzz to go to the Peligar System and

Episode Title: The Planet Destroyer

Air Date: 2000-10-09


Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Season 1 Episode 10


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